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Zhenghan Wang
Zhenghan Wang
Before joining Microsoft, Zhenghan was a professor of mathematics at Indiana University. His main interests are quantum topology, mathematical models of topological phases of matter, and their application to quantum computing.


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Microsoft Station Q
CNSI Bldg.
   Office 2237
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6105

Phone: (805) 893-8828
Fax:      (425) 708-1426
Office:  CNSI 2237

Administrative Assistant
Sean Fraer



Topology and Physics

Proceedings of the Nankai International Conference in Memory of Xiao-Song Lin
Tianjin, China 27-31 July 2007 (Nankai Tracts in Mathematics)
Kevin Lin (Editor), Zhenghan Wang (Editor), Weiping Zhang (Editor)
World Scientific Publishing Company (September 2008)

Topological Quantum Computation

CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics, vol. 112
American Mathematical Society (May 2010)

Writings in Chinese